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www.comamas.com - The CoMamas Association, founded by the ex and current wife of the same man who hated each other for 10 years, along with an MFT, teaches ex-wives and stepmothers to get along for the sake of the children. This site offers an active message board, chatroom, free advice and a free newsletter, as well as books and workbooks, seminars, workshops and consultations.

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http://www.SelfGrowth.com - The online self improvement encyclopedia

www.quickbabynames.com - Most of us as parents or parents-to-be find it to be a very exciting, yet sometimes an extremely challenging process when deciding on a name for our child. Should we be concerned about the meaning of names? Exactly how should we go about choosing a name for our babies? What else should we be thinking about when choosing a name? Or perhaps heritage and racial background should be the emphasis? A Southerner might prefer to choose a typically southern American name. Or if you’re Latino, you could pick one which originates from the Spanish language. The same could be said of all ethnic or religious names – whether you’re American, British, African, Greek, Irish, German, Dutch, Russian, Chinese, Arabic - or whether you’re Christian, Hebrew or Moslem – it’s perfectly understandable if you might prefer a name closer to your roots.

www.DivorceMagazine.com- Divorce Magazine is the Internet's leading divorce and separation resource site, providing information and advice about divorce law, divorce lawyers, family law, children and divorce, and other divorce-related issues as well as information on divorce professionals such as family lawyers and online divorce. At Divorce Magazine, we realize that going through a divorce is a very delicate matter, and we're here to help you through the divorce and separation process.

www.yoursminehours.com -Unlike so many parenting books written by childless psychologists and filled with inapplicable recommendations, this book is written by a couple who have actually lived what they talk about, and is packed with practical and immediately useful advice

www.ShareKids.com   ShareKids.com is a secure online service designed to assist in co-parenting management - providing tools to manage 'share / visitation schedules', communications and correspondence, medical information, shared expense and support accounting , personal records, activities and events, friends and contacts, school info and homework, diaries, photos albums and much more.  A comprehensive 'privilege manager' allows guests and relatives to see only what you want them to see.


www.at-risk.org   Good information for parents and the general public searching for how to help at-risk youth. It is a great resource for parents with teenager.

DC Counseling
Robin Truitt MSW - Counseling for Families, Adolescents,
Individuals, and Groups

Parenting Support Line
Supportive Telephone Coaching for Parents


www.thestepstop.com - A non-profit, Sydney Australia based organization dedication to the provision of education and resources for stepfamilies.

www.yourstepfamily.com - Your Stepfamily is the magazine for today's evolving stepfamily.  You'll find real solutions, credible advice, and problem solving strategies just waiting for you in every issue.

www.Leahsblessing.com - A touching portrayal of single mothers and their daughters struggling to make sense of the worlds in which they live.  Makes an excellent gift.

Click here: Life in a Blender 2003 

http://www.brightspotezine.com   -They help you find time savers, tools,and shortcutsto get organized for life.

Second Wives Club - www.secondwivesclub.com - A well developed site which has weekly advice from a variety of sources (including the CoMamas!), as well as tips, products, book reviews, etc. 

DivorceInteractive.com is a comprehensive divorce resource with survival tools, information and helpful resources for divorce.

Working Moms Refuge - momsrefuge.com - Contains articles for all types of moms with a special section and a high traffic discussion list for for single working moms.

Stepcarefully.com - A Christian site provided by MSN with a newsletter, and books for review and sale. 

Blendedfamily.com/blendedfamily/firstpage.html - This site contains a parenting Q & A, guestbook, message board, surveys and booklist. 

Psychologyinfo.com/bookstore/stepparents.html - A website that contains a national directory of psychologists, book reviews, information on CEU's, job openings and resources for psychologists 

Co-family.com/ - Producers of a line of greeting cards for co-families. 

The Children's Rights Council - gocrc.com - A nationwide, non-profit child advocacy organization based in Washington D.C, with 32 chapters, which has been successful in changing laws related to shared parenting, mediation, parent education, etc. Includes catalogue, resources, and marketplace. 

Stepfamily Association of America - stepfam.org/ - The largest national organization interested in stepfamilies and stepfamily issues. You may become a member, participate in research, become a professional affiliate, participate in their message board or purchase from their catalogue of educational materials. 

Stepfamily Association of South Australia Inc - http://www.stepfamily.asn.au - The Stepfamilyzone is an Australian website providing information and support to stepfamilies.

Moms On A Mission Who Are Single www.singlemoms.org - An organization dedicated to providing resources, support and information to all single parents with a free online ezine, membership, chatroom, legal and psychological help. 

Parenting For One Magazine - www.parentingforone.com is a  FREE online magazine devoted to single parents, and the issues of single parenthood. Articles, recipes, activities, and advice from our resident expert Catherine S. Cain, Ph.D. For single moms, single dads single parents everywhere!

Divorce Step - www.divorcestep.com Providing Consultation & Direct Service in the areas of Divorce and Stepfamily Relationships. Divorce Room - www.heartchoice.com
Discussion and personal stories about adjusting to an impending divorce, dealing with children's issues and getting along with an ex-partner.

Divorce Recovery University - www.divorcerecoveryu.com
Free on-line minicourses, emanual, phone mentors to hel[p deal with effects of divorce.

Divorce Guidelines - www.divorceguidelines.com
Sells a workbook and poster with ideas for how to rebuild emotionally after divorce.

Links to divorce resources.

Divorce Software - www.divorcesoftware.com
Help with emotional, financial and legal issues.

Women and divorce - www.womenswire.com
Guide to what women need to know before, during and after divorce.

Better Divorce for the Children's Sake - www.betterdivorce.com
Resources, including information on custody, conflict resolution, rituals, emotional support and statistics.

Divorce Magazine - www.divorcemag.com
Online version includes topics such as infidelity, new relationships, mediation,etc.

Divorce Transitions - www.divorcetransitions.com
Basic support information on separation, divorce, divorce recovery, and starting over single.

On Divorce - www.ondivorce.co.uk
Resources for those facing the breakup of their relationship, including discussion boards, case studies and a divorce checklist.

The Divorce Survival Guide - www.divorcesurvivalguide.com
Free online newsletters. Archived issues focusing on the various stages of the divorce process.

Stepfamily Network, Inc. - www.stepfamily.net
The Stepfamily Network is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping stepfamily members achieve harmony and mutual respect in their family lives through education and support. We envision the stepfamily that fulfills each person's needs and develops each person's potential.

The StepParent's Web - www.cyberparent.com/step
A web for stepparents or people who are soon to become stepparents. The wicked ol' stepmother does not have to be but becoming a stepparent and making a stepfamily a real family is not easy.

StepTogether - www.stepmothers.org
A virtual chapter of the Stepfamily Assocation of America, with a message board and chatroom, as well as other resources.

Bonus Families - www.bonusfamilies.com
A web site dedicated to the support and reassurance of every member of the stepfamily. Contains advice and interesting and helpful articles.

Family Fusion - www.familyfusion.com
A yahoo site with chatroom, boards, bookshop, newsletter, resources, products and articles.

Families In Step - www.familiesinstep.org
The Step Family Forum is provided for all members of stepfamilies who would like a useful tool to effectively help them navigate the unique dynamics experienced by step families by sharing their experience with what works and doesn't in their "step family".

Stepdads - www.stepdad.com
The mission at stepdads.com is to help stepdads develop great relationships with their stepchildren, their wives, and other stepdads. This is a place for stepdads to meet, talk to each other, and get information.


Crispen Williams 

One of our CoMamas Facilitators has a website.

JUGGLING ACT KIT: Handling Divorce Without Dropping the Ball: A Survival Kit for Parents and Kids by Roberta Beyer, J.D., and Kent Winchester, J.D. How parents handle divorce has a powerful impact on how their children handle it. This comprehensive kit, developed by attorneys who have helped many families through divorce, includes books and tools designed to foster clear, effective communication during this challenging time.

The CoMamas are not licensed psychologists. Dr. Krausz is a licensed Marriage Family Therapist in California and a licensed psychologist in Texas. CoMamas workshops, emails, consultations and/or coaching is not intended to replace traditional therapy, but is based on the program developed by the CoMamas and Dr. Krausz and the book, STEPWIVES.

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