If you've read the book, STEPWIVES, and its helped you understand your stepwife better, improved your relationship with your stepwife, or just given you the hope that your situation can improve, we'd love to hear from you: feelgood@comamas.com

"The CoMamas are great! They really helped facilitate our attempts to co-parent my husband's children with their mother. We try to walk in her shoes, give the benefit of the doubt and be respectful of the girls' mother in front of them. Recently, we have had 2 family meetings, which so far have reaped only positive results in our minds when it comes to the girls' education and various studies. Having the opportunity to say what's on my mind during the counseling session to my husband's ex is something I hadn't done before. Thanks Louise & Lynne!"
Monika & Jeff

"I seized the opportunity to talk with my CoMama at Saturday's baseball game. It went so well and I feel so much better having more information about what is happening in my stepdaughter's life in her other home. I'm really very aware right now of how the lack of information and communication makes things more difficult. It's clearly the fears that keep the "what you don't know can't hurt you" in place. Information is empowering and my stepwife was great. I feel so fortunate. She appreciated my offer to help when my stepdaughter was with me. She shared her struggles with her which are all basically the same issues as we have here. She shared that consistency between the houses in regard to rules and discipline will be forefront soon and I feel I laid a foundation of support and an openness for the days, months, and years ahead. My husband wasn't a part of our conversation on Saturday but he plans to have his own discussion with her soon. Thank you for your support in every way. You three always help me to find the courage to follow through with what I know is right! "
Signed, Forever grateful.

"The CoMamas gave me the hope and help that I was searching for. I am forever grateful for their invaluable support and for sharing the tools I needed to step confidently into my important new role as a Step Mother. It's wonderful to know I am not alone."
Sandy from Dallas

"Dr. Krausz has helped us tremendously to work out a lot of the rough spots to where my STEPWIFE and I now have a great relationship."
Beth from San Marcos

"After I got off the phone with you last week, I sat with tears streaming down my face thanking God I found your website."
Kathy from Iowa


I'm very impressed with the presentation of a difficult subject, the ease with which it reads, and the creativity of Lynne, Louise, and Marjorie.  Even though I'll never be a stepwife under the circumstances covered in the book (stepwife is deceased), I am a stepmother and step grandmother and there is much good psychology in general that can be applied to other situations. They did a wonderful job.
-stepmother and step grandmother from Ohio  


The CoMamas are not licensed psychologists. Dr. Krausz is a licensed Marriage Family Therapist in California and a licensed psychologist in Texas. CoMamas workshops, emails, consultations and/or coaching is not intended to replace traditional therapy, but is based on the program developed by the CoMamas and Dr. Krausz and the book, STEPWIVES.

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